Everlasting Animals was created by Josh and Kadi Centanni.

“Our mission is to promote the health and well-being of animals through responsible pet ownership and animal conservation. From pets to wildlife, all animals deserve to be treated humanely and with the love that they deserve.

We created Everlasting Animals because we’re life-long animal lovers. We connect with animals on a different level than with people. Every chance we get we like to encounter, learn about and interact with different animals by visiting animal sanctuaries, rescues, shelters and wildlife refuges as much as possible.

When you form an everlasting bond with an animal it’s unbreakable. Our favorite part of encountering different animals is being able to create and maintain a real connection through mutual trust and respect. It’s exciting to see the behavioral changes when an animal trusts you in return. Over the years we’ve worked with and helped a variety of animals in need including: cats, dogs, birds, raccoons, frogs, dolphins, turtles, manatees, snakes and iguanas. On the other hand we’ve unfortunately witnessed so many cases of animal neglect and cruelty which is heartbreaking.”

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