PetSafe Seaside Stainless Pet Fountain Price:  $37.95 (as of 03/04/2023 20:04 PST- Details)

60-OZ WATER CAPACITY: This pet fountain holds the perfect amount of water for cats and small dogs
ENCOURAGES HYDRATION: Bubbling water flow entices pets to drink more and helps support kidney health in pets through increased hydration
DID YOU KNOW: Your pet needs 1 oz of water per 1 lb they weigh every day, so a 12 lb cat should drink 12 oz of water each day


Product Description

Help your cat stay happy, healthy and hydrated with the Seaside Stainless Pet Fountain! Pets love running water and are drawn to it. Cat water fountains entice cats to drink more water which keeps them healthy and hydrated. Pets can drink the bubbling water from the tower or from the bowl. This fountain has 360-degree water access which lets your pet drink from any side they choose. The ultra-quiet design of this stainless-steel fountain causes the water to softly bubble over the tower (instead of a falling stream) which is great for even the shyest cats.

The high-quality stainless-steel material is scratch resistant making it durable and secure for your best friend. To keep water fresh, we use dual-filtration technology to remove pet hair and debris. A carbon filter, foam filter and fountain pump work together so your pet will all the time have clean water to drink, and the constant water circulation helps to keep the water fresh. We’ve made this fountain easy to clean – place the fountain in the top rack of the dishwasher and hand wash the pump one after the other. Your pet deserves the best.


60-OZ CAPACITY: This pet fountain holds the perfect amount of water for cats.
ENCOURAGES HYDRATION: Bubbling water drift entices pets to drink more and helps reinforce kidney health in pets through increased hydration.
HIGH GRADE MATERIALS: This stainless-steel pet fountain is made with high-quality materials that are hygienic, durable, and rust and scratch resistant.
QUIET: The soft bubbling water allows shy or timid pets to feel comfortable drinking from the fountain
COMPACT DESIGN: The modern fountain design looks great in your house and sits nicely in smaller spaces
ACCESSIBLE: Your pet can choose to drink water from the tower or the bowl; the 360-degree design allows your cat to drink from the fountain at any side
EASY CLEAN: This cat water fountain is easy to keep clean, simply place it in the top rack of your dishwasher (apart from the fountain pump)
FILTERS: Fountain uses compatible PetSafe Replaceable Carbon Filter (PAC00-13906) and PetSafe Replaceable Foam Filter (PAC00-13711)

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