How To Stop Your Dog From Begging

By banning table begging, you’ll enjoy meals more and do your dog a favor.

How To Deal With An Aggressive Dog

With proper training, an aggressive dog can be transformed into a well-behaved companion you’ll love having at your side.


Techniques For Training Your Dog

If balance is what you crave in your life, apply these techniques from the Dog Whisperer and put yourself and your dog into the right relationship.

How To Use The Most Effective Dog Training Commands

Dog training commands can be taught using reward training or leash-and-collar training.

How To Use Dog Training To Stop Your Dog From Jumping

Dogs need a pack leader and will take over if they don’t sense one. Maintain your alpha dog position with proven techniques and teach your pet to stop jumping.

How To Train Your Dog With Hand Signals

Dogs watch us to learn what we want, so our stance and body language communicate our will. Train your dog with hand signals to be sure you understand one another.

How To Crate Train Your Dog

From housebreaking to traveling, crate training a puppy or dog can have long-term rewards for both owners and pets.